The benefits of WordPress


In recent years, there’s been a greater demand for more WordPress sites. In fact, this demand has reached the point where around 30% of the internet is made up of WordPress sites. And, to be honest, why not? WordPress is perfect at developing websites that are both easy-to-use and easy-to-customise, and it the reason why so many businesses have made the jump online.

You don’t need to be a coding expert in order to build a website on WordPress. WordPress has more than 350 themes available for you to use. Not only that, but WordPress also allows for its themes to be customising through coding, making WordPress perfect for web developers.

Whether you’re a blogger or a business owner, if you want to make changes to your website on the fly, WordPress has you covered with its easy-to-use content management system (CMS), allowing you to make upload and delete photos and text.

Another reason why WordPress is loved by the internet is because almost all the sites developed through it come out prepared for search engine optimisation (SEO). Most of the themes available on WordPress are responsive, which is something that Google appreciates and sees as a part of good SEO.

All of these reasons and many more are the reason why WordPress sites are absolutely adored by people all over the world. But, not everyone finds WordPress as simple and easy-to-use as everyone else. For all the people who develop WordPress sites, there are a number of people who have issues with it. Complete reliance upon WordPress can lead to disaster. That’s where we come in.


Common WordPress misfortunes


Poor Development

Although WordPress was developed so that you could easily create and manage your own website, that doesn’t mean that your website will always turn out the way that you want it to? If your website consists of an awful design with information all over the place, WP Hero are here to help.

Frequent Errors

Like everything on the internet, your WordPress sites are susceptible to errors. Syntax errors, RSS feed errors, server errors, update errors and the dreaded ‘white screen of death (WSOD)’ – these are just some of the errors that can affect your website. WP Hero are here to help you fix these errors before they cause serious damage to your website.

Slow Page Load Time

Just like everyone else, you don’t want to have to wait for a really long time for your website to load. And the loading times aren’t even the worst part. The time that your page takes to load could result in you losing potential leads to the faster websites run by your competitors. Let us give your website the edge by fixing those slow loading times.

Loss of Data

One of the worst things that can happen to anyone’s website – loss of data. Although WordPress is fantastic, the one thing it lacks is a built-in backup system, meaning that you could lose all of your data if something goes wrong. Let us give you with peace of mind by adding a functional back-up system.

Security Risks

One of the issues with WordPress is that its open source structure is truly accessible to all, meaning your website can be infiltrated by vandals and hackers. Without any security measures in places, hackers can access all your important information, which is detrimental to both you and your website. Let WP Hero protect your website from any potential security risks.


The Hero has come!


If you’re suffering from WordPress woes, fear not. WP Hero is here to help! Whether you’re just starting up your website, or if you find yourself stuck trying to solve problems, you can rely on us to save you from all of your WordPress issues and optimise your website to give you the edge.

We can develop an easy-to-use, fully-functional website that has been customised just for you! Let us take care of your website and we’ll take care of everything according to your needs – from the theme, graphics and development to support, right down to the back-up and the security systems.

Let us help you face all of your worst WordPress woes, and optimise your website to give you the edge above your competitors. We’ll always be ready to support you if you’re having trouble with your website.


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