Even though WordPress is one of the easiest site builders to use on the internet, there are still some things that people won’t understand. At WP Hero, we know that not everyone will find WordPress easy to work with initially. So, let us help you get started with your WordPress website.

As well as starting up your website, updating it can sometimes post issues as well if you don’t know what to do. With so many things going on during updates, you might start to find WordPress overwhelming. Some issues may slip past you unnoticed, and you may even overlook certain things, which could have serious consequences for your website.

If you’re finding WordPress overwhelming, fear not. WP Hero are here to help with all the updates that WordPress releases.

Even though it might not seem important, updating your WordPress site is more important than you think. Outdated websites are magnets for hackers and vandals, and once they get their hands on your website, who knows what could happen. Even though WordPress automatically updates itself, the updates are limited to the core files only, meaning that even after the latest update, your website is still vulnerable.

With all of this evil lurking around, it’s a good thing that you have WP Hero around to save you from the endless stream of updates. Here some common updates that WP Hero can help you with:

  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • Layout
  • Content & website copy
  • Incorporating new features & functions
  • Upgrading features & functions
  • Content & file migration from other blogging systems to WordPress
  • Security updates

At WP Hero, we know that it’s normal to want to deal with the WordPress updates yourself. But, do you really want to spend all of that time learning about all of the latest updates and maintenance processes that WordPress releases, or would you rather focus on working on and improving your website? We know that the latter sounds a whole lot better, so leave all of the updates and maintenance to us.

We aim for your complete satisfaction and will only stop when the job is absolutely finished. During updates, we’ll continuously check to see if all of the plugins, themes and new features are all up and running before we tell you that your website’s good to go.

You can relax knowing that WP Hero is always there for you, ready to wrestle with updates and battle hackers, anytime and anywhere.