When delving into the wonderful world of WordPress hosting, there are a number of things which can harm your website – undermining its overall structure and power.

One of the most popular issues with WordPress sites is slow server responses. This occurs when the web server takes longer to respond to a browser’s request than it normally does.

Although this may sound harmless, having a slow server response can decimate the amount of traffic that visits your website, as slow server responses are one of the main culprits of poor user experience. When surfing the web, people expect web pages to load within three seconds – if not instantly. If your site takes a lot longer than three seconds to load, most users will simply leave your website to find a faster loading website that offers similar information. This is extremely detrimental for business owners, as the traffic that you’re losing from your website is most likely populating your competitors’ faster loading websites.

If you’re worried that hosting issues are holding you down, you can rely on WP Hero to solve them. We’ll help you by identifying what’s slowing your website down, which could be any of the following:

  • Site and hosting traffic
  • Database performance
  • Server configuration
  • Website design

With our experience in fighting hackers and viruses, you can relax knowing that you’re got the leaders in site maintenance on your side.

With our determination and web hosting experience, we’ll also take care of the hosting for your website, covering everything from updates and security to backing up your precious site. We’ll even help you out with registering and renewing your domains.

If you’re starting to worry that your WordPress site is falling by the wayside, let us know by submitting a distress signal through the contact form. We’ll be there to tackle all of your WordPress troubles.

Should the day arrive when you spot an entity soaring vividly across your perfectly-maintained website, keep in mind that it’s not a bird, nor is it a plane—it’s WordPress Hero!